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Takari Quote

Conversations between TK, Kari, and their Digimon. Quotes solely between the Digimon are now located in the PataGato Section.


“Look up there!” -TK
“The fog. It’s getting thicker.” -Kari


“You don’t understand, you can never outrun him. We have to destroy him.” -Gatomon
“You can count on me.” -Patamon

“You can do it, Angemon!” -TK
“Go, Angewomon!” -Kari

“Go for it, Angemon!” -TK
“Yeah, knock his block off!” -Kari

“You really want them to shoot you?” -Kari
“What if you get, like, dead or something?” -TK

“Okay, Angewomon!” -Kari
“Angemon, listen up! I know this maybe sounds crazy, but shoot Matt and Tai with your arrows!” -TK
“You too, Angewomon!” -Kari
“He’s right,” -Angemon
“Sounds crazy.” -Angewomon


“All I know is, I’m getting pretty hungry.” -TK
“And I’m getting cold.” -Kari

“Somebody’s gotta do something.” -Kari
“They’re too tired, they’ll be drowned themselves.” -TK
“Okay, then in that case, we’ll have to go.” -Kari

“I’m coming, too.” -TK
“Me, too.” -Kari


“Who do these belong to, huh?” -TK
“Isn’t it obvious?” -Spirit Kari
“I have a feeling it’s us.” -Patamon
“Yes.” -Spirit Kari


“How long do humans usually sleep when they’re sick, TK?” -Gatomon
“It’s tough to say for sure, Gatomon. But I guess somewhere between eight hours and eighth years, give or take a minute or so.” -TK
“Wow, then considering how high her fever is, we’d better get comfortable.” -Gatomon
“I wish one of the older kids were here. I bet they’d know how to wake her up.” -TK
“You’ll think of something, TK.” -Gatomon
“Oh...” -Kari
“See? I knew you’d think of something.” -Gatomon
“Mmmm.” -Kari
“I’m still not sure that woke her.” -TK
“Mmm? Huh?” -Kari
“Or, I could be wrong.” -TK
“Hi, Kari.” -Gatomon
“Hit the snooze button, one more time. Please?” -Kari
“You’ve slept enough. How do you feel?” -TK
“I think my fever’s gone. So, how long have I been asleep for?” -Kari
“Let’s just say that when you fell asleep I had nine lives, and now I’m down to only three.” -Gatomon
“Where is everybody?” -Kari
“Mmm.” -TK & Gatomon
“Hey, I hear Patamon!” -TK
“I wonder if he’s found anyone.” -Gatomon
“Oh.” -Kari
“Who’s that with Patamon?” -TK
“It’s Biyomon.” -Gatomon
“And Sora.” -Kari

“I hope they’re all all right.” -Kari
“Don’t worry, Kari.” -TK

“Right! We’ll work as a team!” -TK
“Yeah. I’ll try to be strong enough to help too. After all, Tai would do the same for me.” -Kari

“That light again. Look at it.” -TK
“My light will guide us towards the others.” -Kari

“My light will lead us towards the others.” -Kari
“Don’t look at me, but I think it’s like this night light I used to have that guided me towards the bathroom.” -TK

“They’re coming.” -Kari
“You mean Tai? When?” -TK
“Now.” -Kari


“What happened?” -Kari
“I don’t know.” -TK

“What do you carry in that backpack?” -Gatomon
“Whoa!” -TK
“Bricks?” -Gatomon

“We just ran out of room.” -Kari
“This isn’t the escape plan I had in mind.” -TK
“Now what?” -Patamon
“Can we jump?” -TK
“It’s too far!” -Kari

“We just can’t sit here.” -Kari
“We’ve got no choice. We have to climb down.” -TK
“It’s too high, TK. If we slip, we’re goners!” -Kari
“Look, TK. Where’d that basket come from?” -Patamon
“Who put that there? A rope. We can use it to climb down the side of the mountain. Oh.” -TK
“Oh! I didn’t know you were a snake charmer, TK.” -Patamon
“Do you think we should climb it?” -Kari
“I don’t know. Mom always said never take candy or rope from strangers.” -TK

What am I thinking? We have to climb it. Sora told me to be brave no matter how scared I got. Looks dangerous. You go first.” -TK
“Oh.” -Kari
“That’s it, Kari. Pretend you’re in gym class.” -TK

“Angemon, no!” -TK
“I’m scared!” -Kari
“It’s okay. Great, now Kari’s afraid. I can’t let her see that I am too. I’ve got to be brave. Angemon will be fine, but you’ve got to keep on climbing. Don’t let that joker Piedmon scare you.” -TK
“Okay.” -Kari

“Ah!” -TK
“Sorry if I gave you a wedgie.” -Piedmon
“Let go oh him!” -Kari
“Let go, Kari! Or he’ll get you too!” -TK
“No, I won’t let you go, TK!” -Kari
“Looks like you two are falling for each other.” -Piedmon


“We just have to fight together as a team!” -TK
“Mmm-hmm.” -Kari & Angewomon

“He changed them back so easily.” -TK
“I’m sorry, TK.” -Patamon
“It’s not your fault, Patamon. It’s his.” -TK
“Great. This time we’re finished.” -Kari
“You’d better lose that ‘tude, Kari.” -Gatomon


“Don’t worry about it guys! We’re here to protect you!” -TK
“We’ll go for his other claws too!” -Kari

“What are you doing?” -Kari
“Helping these DigiEggs hatch.” -Patamon

“You can help. Just rub them gently.” -Patamon
“This is fun.” -Kari

“If Matt’s staying, I’m staying too.” -TK
“Me, too.” -Kari


“Together again.” -TK
“Just like old times.” -Kari

“Our teacher looks like Ogremon.” -TK
“*giggles*” -Kari

“So, TK, how does your mom like the new apartment?” -Kari
“She hasn’t seen it. She’s been on the computer the whole time.” -TK

“What’s up, Izzy?” -TK
“Tai sent us an urgent e-mail.” -Kari
“Yeah, I know. I got one, too. I was just about to send Tai an answer when the battery ran out on my computer. I knew I should have recharged it after I played Trigonometry Trivia on the Internet last night. But, boy, talk about fun.” -Izzy

“I’m not waiting any longer!” -Kari
“I’m with you.” -TK

“One day this bossy human appeared and began making Digimon into slaves. He said ‘I am the Digimon Emperor!’ I heard we’re all going to have to punch a time clock, too.” -Gatomon
“Another human? You mean that someone else comes here besides us? Well, there goes the neighborhood.” -TK
“Yeah, and he’s got this strange new digivice that makes us unable to digivolve.” -Gatomon

“The Digimon Emperor uses these powerful dark rings to control the Digimon.” -Gatomon
“Yeah, that’s right. And once the ring captures you, you’re a slave for life.” -Patamon
“The collars do everything but get rid of fleas.” -Gatomon
“Digimon Emperor. I’m gonna stick a dark ring on him.” -Kari

“Good-bye, Monochromon! Don’t forget to write!” -Kari
“I can’t believe the Digimon Emperor can turn such a nice Digimon into such a nasty creature.” -TK

“Good, the sun is going down. Now we can relax.” -Patamon
“Why is that?” -TK
“The Digimon Emperor never appears at night.” -Gatomon


“Are we going to have to do this every time we come back?” -Kari
“And I thought digivolving was a tough job.” -Patamon
“Well, at least we made it back to the Real World safe and sound.” -TK


“Hey, Kari?” -Gatomon
“Yeah?” -Kari
“We’re ready to go to the Digital World now.” -Patamon
“All present and accounted for? Let’s get going!” -TK


“It’s not that simple! He could be using Digimon hostages as a shield to protect himself!” -TK
“TK’s right! We have to try and rescue the hostages and make sure no one gets hurt.” -Kari

“Yeah! We’ve been hit with a lot worse than disludge. Right, Kari?” -TK
“Right!” -Kari

“How are we supposed to get down from here?!” -TK
“We can’t!” -Kari


“What’s up, guys?” -Kari
“We just got a signal from the Digital World. It’s a distress call from one of the Digimon.” -TK
“Who?” -Kari
“I’m not really sure yet.” -TK

“Here, you can use one of these. There hand warmers, Kari.” -Joe
“Thanks a lot.” -Kari
“Leave it to you. Good old reliable Joe.” -TK

“He hunts down Digimon, then puts these dark rings on them, making them his slaves. And the control spires supply power to those rings.” -TK
“And no one can digivolve.” -Kari

“Flamedramon can handle the Frigimon by himself. So it’s up to us to destroy the control spire!” -TK
“Okay, but I think we’re going to have to do it from the air!” -Kari

“You know, Cody reminds me a lot of Joe. Always honest and sticks to the rules.” -Kari
“I think he reminds me of Izzy. Just loaded with curiosity.” -TK
“Part Izzy and part me? That’s a scary combination.” -Joe


“Don’t be so stubborn! There are far too many of them! We have to get out of here while we can!” -TK
“I agree. We have to hurry!” -Kari


“Hurry!” -Kari
“We’re late!” -TK

“Now that that’s finally settles, let’s go get Agumon!” -TK
“If everybody’s ready, then let’s go, DigiDestined!” -Kari

“Tai hasn’t been this angry since I popped his soccer ball with my claws.” -Gatomon
“He certainly has a right to be.” -TK

“It’s either the local or the express.” -Kari
“And look who’s driving!” -TK

“He looks so different!” -Kari
“And mean!” -TK

“I can’t move!” -Kari
“I’ve forgotten how to move.” -TK

“It’s Yolei and Hawkmon!” -TK
“And Matt!” -Kari


“It looks like a flip-flop with a bent nail in it.” -Kari
“Has everyone had their tetanus shot?” -TK

“Ugh! I think I’m done.” -TK
“Me too.” -Kari

“Help, TK! Help!” -Patamon
“Hang on, Patamon! I’ll save you!” -TK
“But how?! They’re getting away!” -Kari
“Patamon!” -TK


(My all-time favorite part of the episode)
“Kari! I’ve been looking all over for you! Are you okay?” -TK
“It was weird. I was at the beach.” -Kari
“You ditched school?” -TK
“No, silly. The beach was in another dimension. You saw me in class. I was just sitting there, and then, I was at the ocean.” -Kari
“Now you’ve totally lost me.” -TK
“And on the way to the nurse’s office it happened again. I was surrounded by water. Then I saw one of them!” -Kari
“What do you mean ‘one of them?’” -TK
“Digimon. They keep trying to take me to their world. And I don’t know if I can resist anymore.” -Kari
“You’ve got to! Where are they, Kari? We’ll fight them!” -TK
“I can’t, TK. I’m not strong like my brother Tai.” -Kari
“You’re going to quit? Give up? Just like that? Look, I care too much about you to let anyone take you without a fight!” -TK
“Huh?” -Kari
“Uh... Sorry. I’d better go now. I’ll talk to you later.” -TK
“Oh...” -Kari

“I really wish we knew where she was!” -TK
“What did she say?” -Patamon
“The beach. She kept saying something about the beach. Ah, we’ll never find her!” -TK
“Don’t be such a scaredy-cat, TK!” -Gatomon
“Huh?!” -TK
“Kari’s one tough kid. We have to believe that she can take care of herself until we find her!” -Gatomon
“You’re right, Gatomon. Thanks. Come on, let’s keep looking for her.” -TK

“Kari! Kari!” -TK
“I think he just went crazy.” -Gatomon
“Kari!” -TK & Patamon
“Kari!” -Patamon
“Kari!” -TK
“Huh? They’ve both flipped!” -Gatomon

“TK!” -Kari
“It’s her!” -TK
“TK, wait!” -Patamon
“Ah, what the heck? I got nine lives.” -Gatomon

“TK! Gatomon!” -Kari
“There she is!” -TK
“Hey, guys! I’m right down here!” -Kari
“Stay there!” -TK

“I’m ready to go home now.” -Kari
“It could be worse. We could be scrapping gum at school.” -TK
“Hmm.” -Kari
“Last one home is a rotten DigiEgg!” -TK
“*laugh*” -Pegasusmon & Angewomon

“He’s on our tail!” -TK
“Pegasusmon! Pegasusmon, the Control Spire! You’ve got to take it out! Then I can digivolve!” -Gatomon
“Here goes nothing!” -Pegasusmon
“Full blast, Pegasusmon!” -TK

“Wait a second... You guys asked for my help and I gave it to you! What do you want now?! Let go of me!” -Kari
“Let go of her, you creeps!” -TK

“Thanks for coming after me, TK.” -Kari
“It’s okay, Kari. I know you’d do the same for me.” -TK

“TK, remember this morning when you said you really cared for me? What did you mean by that?” -Kari
“Huh? Well, you know. It was just... stuff.” -TK
“Oh, well, you know what? I care for you, too.” -Kari


“What’s wrong, TK?” -Kari
“Something about this place is bothering me. I fell like I’ve been here before, and it wasn’t good.” -TK
“Maybe you ordered the wrong thing?” -Kari

“Is it all right for you to be here, Palmon?” -Kari
“What about the area you were protecting?” -TK
“Tentomon said he’d watch it for me if I brought him back a souvenir T-shirt.” -Palmon

“That’s the same time Myotismon was taking over Tokyo!” -TK
“TK’s right!” -Kari

“Don’t worry. Kari and I will go look for him.” -TK
“Hmmm.” -Patamon & Gatomon

“Golden Noose!: -Pegasusmon & Nefertimon
“He’s trying to get away!” -Kari
“Not if we have anything to say about it!” -TK


“I’m kinda worried. The Digimon Emperor’s started to move faster!” -TK
“I know one thing. He’s not afraid of us, or he wouldn’t keep fighting after losing all those battles.” -Kari

“I can’t believe it’s no working!” -TK
“He didn’t even yawn!” -Kari

“There’s no way we’ll be able to beat an ultimate on our own!” -Kari
We’ve got to get him to destroy that Control Spire! Let’s... Move into position!” -TK
“It’s perfect, TK!” -Kari

“Gee, it looks like that big guy’s all crashed out.” -Kari
“That’s rare.” -TK


“I was sick, so I didn’t go to camp that summer.” -Kari
“I almost forgot! You weren’t there the first time we saw all that weird stuff.” -TK
“Hey, you looked pretty weird to us, you know!” -Patamon

“Look at that huge cloud! Did you see how it just came out of nowhere?” -Kari
“Hmmm.” -Gatomon
“The weathermen are always wrong.” -TK

“Who are you going to call?” -Kari
“Hey, what’s going on?!” -TK


“If only we could destroy that base.” -Gatomon
“Hmm? That’s it! If we destroy the Emperor’s base, then the Control Spires would be useless.” -Kari
“That makes sense.” -TK

“I also think it’s going to take more than one day to accomplish.” -TK
“Right! Then we all have to agree on one thing. We don’t return until the base is destroyed!” -Kari

“How can a whole building simply disappear into thin air?” -TK
“Maybe Ken is friends with a really good magician.” -Kari

“More of the Digimon Emperor’s slaves might attack, so we need Gatomon around as a body guard.” -Kari
“Good point.” -Gatomon
“All right. If anything happens, we can always e-mail each other, and you’ll always know where we are through the D-3’s. If we haven’t found the base by nightfall, we’ll come back here. Okay?” -TK
“Okay! Seeya later!” -Kari


“I don’t care what it takes. I’m going to find a way to stop that thing!” -TK
“TK’s right! We have to destroy that thing, no matter what it costs!” -Kari

“You need to stay clear, TK.” -Pegasusmon
“You guys be careful.” -TK
“Don’t worry, Kari.” -Nefertimon
“I’ll try.” -Kari

“I can’t hold it!” -Nefertimon
“Gatomon!” -Kari
“Patamon!” -TK

“Our plan didn’t work because our Digimon aren’t strong enough. Sometimes you just have to fall back, come up with a new plan, and try again.” -TK
“Besides, they don’t have enough strength to keep going.” -Kari


“He came from that Golden DigiEgg! Davis must have unleashed its power!” -TK
“This is fantastic! Could someone turn off his headlights?” -Kari

“Huh? What was that?” -Kari
“It can’t be good!” -TK

“They’re not your toys for some kind of sick game! They’re real! They’re not just data in a computer. They’re living creatures like you and I!” -TK
“You’re a DigiDestined, just like us! You have a responsibility to both worlds! Like Wormmon. He’s your friend and not someone you should just kick around!” -Kari

“It’s hard to argue with you there, Ken. You’ve done some pretty horrible stuff!” -TK
“The important thing is you realize what you’ve done. And it’s not too late to make a fresh start!” -Kari

“I’m not sure, but it looks like one of the crests we used to have in the old days!” -TK
“You’re right, TK! And it has the Crest of Kindness on it!” -Kari


“Gatomon!” -Patamon
“Kari!” -TK
“What’s wrong?” -Kari
“Patamon, is a dog chasing you?” -Gatomon
“No, listen up! TK has a theory that I think we should all listen to.” -Patamon
“What is it?” -Kari
“I was thinking about what Cody said about still being able to come to the Digital World.” -TK
“I thought we figured out that we could still come here because we’re needed for something, didn’t we?” -Kari
“That’s the reason we were able to come here the first time.” -TK
“You’re right. There must be a reason this time, too.” -Patamon
“The reason is as plain as the whiskers on my face! We’re here to clean up the mess left by the Digimon Emperor!” -Gatomon
“The only problem with that theory is that we volunteered to do the work. We weren’t drafted.” -Kari
“Exactly. That’s the part that that’s been bothering me. We’re not meant to be here as a clean-up crew. There’s something else out there that we don’t know about yet.” -TK
“TK, you mean a new enemy?” -Kari
“Huh?” -Patamon
“I’m not exactly sure what it is, yet. But I think we should be prepared for whatever is out there waiting for us.” -TK

“Uh-oh. Everybody’s gone!” -Patamon
“That’s really strange. They were all here just a minute ago.” -Kari
“All right, if you’re hiding, we give up! You can come out now! Ollie, ollie, oxen free!” -Patamon

“I love you, TK!” -Kari
“Yeah!” -TK


“No harm, no fowl.” -TK
“You gotta wonder. What is he up to now?” -Kari
“Is he just playing with us so we think he’s nice?” -Gatomon

“Guess we’ll just have to pig out without you!” -TK
“Have fun at your lesson!” -Kari

“We’re going to go outside town. We have to check something out.” -TK
“We’ll be back in about an hour.” -Kari

“No go for Gato!” -Gatomon
“All right, Patamon, you try it! Go ahead. Give it your all!” -TK
“Right! Patamon, digivolve to... Patamon... I need a break!” -Patamon
“We’re not amateurs like Veemon. What’s going on?!” -Gatomon
“It’s pretty strange.” -Kari
“Boy, I thought the Control Spires were knocked out of commission when Ken left. But this makes me think they just might be active again!” -TK

“We’re back, Yolei!” -Kari
“Looks like they’re having fun!” -TK

“Are you all right?” -Gatomon
“Oh, wow! Just who was that?” -TK


“Do it!” -Kari
“Hmmm.” -Gatomon
“You ready?” -TK
“Hmmm.” -Patamon
“DigiArmor Energize!” -TK & Kari
“Gatomon, armor digivolve to...” -Gatomon
“Patamon, armor digivolve to...” -Patamon
“Nefertimon, the Angel of Light!” -Nefertimon
“Pegasusmon, Flying Hope!” -Pegasusmon
“Golden Noose!” -Both

“Ah!” -Patamon
“Patamon!” -TK
“Angemon’s attack is most effective against evil Digimon. But that thing’s not even a Digimon!” -Kari


“Don’t forget about us!” -TK
“Yeah, let’s go!” -Kari

“This feeling...” -TK
“I remember! This feels just like when we were near that whirlpool!” -Patamon
“I remember now! You’re right, Patamon. It’s the same disturbing feeling.” -TK
“I felt it, too. When I was pulled into the world that looked like a negative photograph. Everything that was supposed to be light was dark. Even the light!” -Kari

“It’s not like we’re trying to keep it a secret. But sometimes it’s hard to admit when you have a weakness.” -Kari
“In a way, though, it’s not really a weakness at all! A DNA digivolved Digimon fights like an ultimate level Digimon!” -TK


“If he even looks at Kari the wrong way, I’ll put a hole in his head! I don’t care if he is a mega!” -Gatomon
“That’s courageous, but crazy! Even if you could digivolve to ultimate, which let me remind you, you can’t, he’s too powerful!” -TK

“I thought I’d really lost you this time! I was afraid you’d slipped into the other world for good!” -TK
“Don’t worry, TK.” -Kari


“Oh, buy. I think we should make it a rule that Tai and Davis aren’t allowed to be in the same room.” -Kari
“Forget about them, Kari. It’s the Digimon that worry me. How did they get here to our world in the first place? And what about that Control Spire?” -TK


“Speak to me.” -Kari
“So, did we get him?” -Gatomon
“No. He got away.” -Yolei
“Just when we almost had him.” -Patamon
“It’s the police. We’d better get going.” -TK


“When we fought him three years ago, he said the exact same thing. Looks like he hasn’t changed at all since then.” -Kari
“Well, he’s a lot more powerful, that’s for sure. And he’s a lot crazier since the last time we all fought him.” -TK


“Smile! Not again.” -TK
“It didn’t go through?” -Kari
“No.” -TK
“What’s wrong with it?” -Kari
“Hmm. I don’t know. It says all lines are busy. There must be some kind of electrical surge.” -TK
“So what do you think we should do now, TK?” -Kari
“How ‘bout lunch?” -Gatomon

“Leave it to me. I’ll find out where he’s going!” -Patamon
“What does he mean we’re in danger?” -TK
“All I know is, he needs help.” -Kari

“Look, my digivice!” -Kari
“Whoa. what’s happening to the train?! I don’t think this is the entertainment portion of the trip!” -TK
“Huh?!” -Kari
“It’s that Digimon we saw in New York!” -TK
“Don’t interfere!” -Endigomon
“Whoa! Uh!” -TK
“Uh! There’s definitely something different about this Digimon.” -Kari
“We’re not moving. Where are we?” -TK
“‘Don’t interfere?’ I don’t think that Digimon want us to get to Colorado.” -Kari

“Angemon, warp digivolve to...” -Angemon
“Seraphimon!” -Seraphimon
“Angewomon, digivolve to...” -Angewomon
“Magnadramon!” -Magnadramon
“Wow, aren’t that beautiful?!” -TK & Kari

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